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Personal Pool Parties

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Any adult member of HWRC is welcome to host a Pool Party at Hills West Pool.

Here’s what you need to know.

Available party times are:

    • Weekdays 1 to 5pm (Lifeguard swim) and 6 to 8pm ( Family swim).
    • Saturdays 10am to 8pm (Family swim).
    • Parties cannot be held on Sundays or holidays
    • Parties are 2 hours in duration.  
    • The general members are permitted to swim during the time of your party
    • Parties during Lifeguard Hours cannot have more than 10 guest swimmers
    • Party/event size is limited to a maximum of 25 non-member guests of any age, which includes any guest acting as a supervisor.  HWRC Members attending the event are not counted in the 25.

Dedicated Lifeguard(s):  For the safety of your guests and other swimmers, IF your party will during family swim hours, or IF your party is during Lifeguarded swim hours with more than 10 minors attending, HWRC will arrange for dedicated lifeguards for your party. 

Supervision: Regardless of the number of Lifeguards, you agree to provide the following number of adults supervising at Poolside:

  • at least 1 Adult if 5 or fewer minors are using the Pool
  • at least 2 Adults if 6-10 minors are using the Pool
  • at least 3 Adults if more than 10 minors are using the Pool


Cost: Party fee varies with the number of lifeguards needed:

Party during Lifeguard swim (weekdays 1-5pm)
   0-10 minors, Lifeguard Swim – $25.00 plus guest fees
   11-20 minors, Lifeguard Swim – $65.00 plus guest fees

Party during Family Swim hours (Monday to Friday:6-8 pm or Saturday 10am-8pm)
   0-10 minors, Family Swim – $65.00 plus guest fees
   11-20 minors, Family Swim – $105.00 plus guest fee

You’ll be prompted to pay this fee to confirm your reservation time.  In addition to this party fee, you will need to pay the guest fee for any party attendees who are not members.  The guest fee applies for any non-members attending the party, whether they are swimming or not.  You can pay this guest fee online or in person at the clubhouse on the day of the party.

Advance booking:  Pool Party reservations should be made as early as possible.    If your party will require a lifeguard please allow 3 full days to ensure guards are available.

Food, Cake, and Presents:  A table will be reserved for your use in the clubhouse for food, cake and presents.  Please keep all paper products (present wrapping, napkins, streamers, etc.) in the clubhouse.  Paper in the pool can clog the filters.

No glass is permitted on the pool deck.

Cleanup:  You are responsible for cleaning up the pool deck and club house after the party is over.

Non-member guests:  Non-member guests are welcome at the regular guest fee.   You are responsible for ensuring they abide by the Rules and Regulations of use of the HWRC facility. Purchase guest passes for your non-member guests here.

How to reserve your party:  Choose your time and date on our Facilities Calendar and complete checkout at least 72 hours in advance of your party.

Have a fantastic time!

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