2023 Annual Dues

Will be invoiced in mid-April Payment is due by May 1 Payments received after June 1 will have a $50 late fee added Dues must be paid by July 1 or the Membership will revert back to HWRC Membership with 2 WorkJob Credits: $350 Membership with 1 WorkJob Credit: $425 Membership with no WorkJob Credits: $500 Summer Swimmers: $650 NOTE: There will be an additional $200 per membership assessment to fund the approved plaster repair project due April 15, 2023

For New Members

If you live within the HWRC boundaries and are interested in a membership, please sign up on our waitlist.

Wait List Application Fee


We are currently on a waiting list basis for membership. Click the button below to be directed to our application for membership and placed on the waiting list. All sales and purchases must be within the HWRC boundaries as outlined in the rules and regulations.

Wait List Fee

For Returning Members

Help our Volunteer Board Members by paying your yearly dues online. Purchase links will go live in April 2023.

Family Membership


If you are renewing for your family this is the membership for you...

Family Pool Membership - Yearly Dues for existing HWRC members    Sign in to purchase

Family Membership with 1 Work Job - Yearly Dues for existing HWRC members who completed 1 Workjob in 2022    Sign in to purchase

Family Memberships with 2 Work Jobs - Yearly Dues for existing HWRC members who completed 2 Workjobs in 2022    Sign in to purchase

Summer Swimmer Membership


Summer Swimmer Memberships may be available to families to who live outside HWRC boundaries IF regular membership is not at capacity. Summer Swimmers in 2022 can purchase a Summer Swimmer membership for 2023 here.

Summer Swim Membership    Sign in to purchase

What’s Next After Paying Online?

If you purchased a Membership, you can then sign into the Member Dashboard using the default PIN of 1111 (if you are a first-time member).

From there, you can fill in your Household info, change your PIN, read member-only news, and much more!

Welcome to the club!