HWRC September 2017 Newsletter


Pool closing
Great news!!  Although many of you may be getting tired of this unseasonably hot weather, there is an upside…the Pool will now stay open through Sunday, September 10th!! There will be lifeguard swim from 3-5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday!

Annual meeting
The HWRC annual meeting is set for October 1 at 6:30 p.m. We really need you to attend. Our club flourishes when the members are involved in it.  The last few years involvement has been on the decline, particularly interest in serving on the Board.  Membership is steady and the club is in good shape, but it is not as vibrant as it could be. Please attend the meeting to hear about the operating budget, vote for your new Board Members, and give us feedback or ask questions at the open mic session.


Open Board Positions

The following positions will be voted on at the Annual Meeting this year:


President – The President of the Board of Directors shall supervise the activities of the Club, execute all instruments in its behalf, preside at meetings of the Board of Directors and of the membership of the Club, and perform such other duties usually inherent in such office.


Treasurer – The Treasurer of the Board of Directors shall receive, disburse, and be accountable for all funds belonging to the Club when payment is authorized by the Board of Directors, maintain bank accounts in depositories designated by the Board of Directors, and render an annual financial report at the annual meeting. In addition, the Treasurer shall distribute to the membership the annual budget as proposed by the Board at least fourteen (14) days prior to the annual meeting. The Treasurer will be responsible for all billing to the membership and maintain a record of current and delinquent membership accounts.


Pool Manager — **please note that this is a one year term since the current Pool Manager still has a year left on their term** The Pool Operations Manager of the Board of Directors shall arrange for the safe and efficient operation of the Club’s pool facilities and is responsible for ensuring proper maintenance of the pool and pool equipment.


Secretary – It shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Board of Directors to keep and electronically preserve records of the Board of Directors and of the Club, to give notice of meetings, to publish a regular newsletter for the benefit of members, and to perform such other acts as the President or Board of Directors may direct.


Membership — The Membership Coordinator of the Board of Directors shall keep all membership records of the Club, including a current membership list, service agreements, and arrange for transfer of membership in accordance to policies set forth by the Board of Directors.


If you would like more detailed info for a specific position, please contact the respective Board Member. Our info can be found here on the website: http://hwrc.club/home/about-hwrc/clubboard-member-info/

And if you would like to run for one of the open positions, please email Lori at secretary@hwrc.club with the position you are running for and a brief bio. Ballots will be going out in a couple of weeks!


We had a successful Youth Tennis Program this year. We ran 4 sessions through the summer.  We started out with 6 students and maintained the minimum enrollment requirement throughout. A big thank you goes out to our terrific tennis instructor Colton Sowers who was great with the kids and parents alike.  Everyone hopes he’ll be back next year. The youth lessons were moved from the morning during swim lessons to evening at 6:30 which may have resulted in the increased interest. We will be doing a Survey Monkey at seasons end to see if evening or morning lessons are preferred so please provide your feedback.

Our tennis instructor was available for one on one lessons for kids and adults as well. We will continue to offer this next season. In addition, next season we hope to run some tennis socials which are popular at some of the other tennis clubs, and perhaps start a tennis or pickle ball league.  If anyone is interested in this please contact Susan Stein to discuss.

Pool Parties  

We had a lot of great Pool Parties through the summer. Feedback was that the booking process worked well this year, the cost was reasonable, and having lifeguards on duty for parties when minors are present takes the stress off of the parents, so was appreciated. Thank you to our lifeguards for supporting the parties. If you have any other comments or feedback regarding the parties, please contact Susan Stein directly or via the HWRC website.

Swim lessons 
We had a fantastic season of swim lessons!! We are losing 1 of our lead Lifeguards, Kaylyn, next year as she goes on to pursue a career in the “real” world. She has been training the rest of the staff who we hope to see back next year to step into her shoes. We thank Kaylyn for her service and wish her well!

Swim team
We had a great season for Swim Team as well!! The team attended 4 meets this year and HWRC had many swimmers that placed in the top three for their event at each meet! At the 2 home meets we could have used more parent volunteers to help with time keeping, organizing the participants, and lots more home team crowd there to cheer our fantastic swimmer’s on. Whether you have a child in swim team or not feel free to come watch and to volunteer for a few hours to support our club.

A Few Incidents to Make You Aware of….
The only down side to the tennis courts this year was an incident that happened on July 4th.  Someone went on to the courts and lit fireworks leaving a lot of debris and an orange stain. Fortunately, the surface was not burned.  The perpetrator was apparently a member as the courts are locked and unless the fence was scaled a key would have been required to get in.  This is very disappointing.  The resurfacing of the courts was a large expense.  Risking damage to the surface by lighting fireworks shows little respect for our Club and our property.

Our Bylaws do not prohibit adults of legal drinking age from consuming alcohol on the property.  However, all members are expected to respect appropriate limits on this considering 1) the dangers inherent in consuming alcohol around a swimming pool, 2) the enjoyment of other members, 3) the presence of unattended minors during lifeguard swim hours. Please be mindful of the amount and the company in which you are consuming.

Work Job descriptions
We will be taking a look at the descriptions for all work jobs over the winter to see if they need an update, or clarification. If there are any that you feel need to be tweaked, rewritten or thrown out let us know. They are all available on the HWRC website under the “Work Job Openings” tab.

Baby pool

We apologize that the baby pool was not useable this season. The pump motor was rebuilt and other parts in the pumphouse, related to the baby pool, have been rebuilt trying to locate and fix whatever is causing the pump to not prime and therefore not work. We are continuing to work on this problem.


The current membership is 134 regular Members and 11 summer swimmers. There are currently no memberships available for purchase that we are aware of and around a dozen families looking to purchase memberships.


This was a good year for grounds. With plentiful water from KID, most grass and shrubs are getting plenty of water. There are a few problem spots that need attention on the east yard, but these are nothing serious. We are planning to remove the large lavender bush from the front of the clubhouse, so next year you should expect to see new shrubs in that location.


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