Thanks to everyone who attended the All Member Bar-b-q on Saturday, June 10th. The cooler weather put a bit of a damper on pool activity for the adults, but as usual the younger set didn’t seem to mind much. The board grilled up the hot dogs, while members brought delicious sides and desserts to share. This could become an annual event

We were really happy to see a mix of brand new members and some very long-term members, 27 years we were told, not sure if that is the longest, but it must be close. There were members with children, the kids’ activities at the pool (swim team and swim lessons) have always been a focus for the club, but there were also members who have remained even after the kids have grown and gone. This has the board thinking about activities which might cater to the adults like water aerobics, yoga classes, trivia or bunco nights, tennis socials, pickle ball leagues. Look for more to follow on this.  If you see a member of the board let us know what you think or email us.

Youth Tennis Lessons

Youth Tennis Lessons will start on June 26th.  Interest in tennis has been down the last few years.  We are not sure why as tennis is a great lifelong sport and the club lessons are a great way to get our young members introduced to it.  In case you missed the note, tennis lessons have been moved to the evening at 6:30 to avoid the conflict with swim lessons. The courts are resurfaced and the nets are new, we need to get more activity going here.  If you want this opportunity to continue, get out and get your kids signed up.  Who knows you may have the next Serena Williams or Andre Agassi just waiting to explode onto the court. To find out more about youth tennis, this year’s instructor, and to download the registration form, please visit our website at http://hwrc.club/activities/junior-tennis-classes/

Swim Team and Swim Lessons

Well school is FINALLY out this week and the official summer schedule at the pool will start on June 19 along with the Dolphin Swim Team and Swim Lessons. I know all the kids are looking forward to that first doughnut day.

Pool Activities

The summer guard hours of 1:00-4:50 p.m. will start today, Thursday, June 15th. Please make sure you review the requirements for underage swimmers and babysitter etc. and get forms signed and on file at the clubhouse.  It’s tough for the guards when they have to sit your child on the sidelines or ask them to leave until they get proper permissions signed.  All the forms are available at the clubhouse.

Many people signed up for guest pass punch cards during the registration days.  The punch cards can be left at the pool in a small box at the front desk, so no worries about forgetting them at home or losing them in the swim bag.  Guests are welcome, but Members please remember that you must accompany your guest and that you remain responsible for their adherence to the club rules and regulations.

Bylaw Change – Adult Swim

Thank you to all who voted at registration…the new hours for Adult Swim on weekends and holidays was approved. Adult Swim times are Monday-Friday from 5:00-6:00 p.m. and 9:00-10:00 a.m. on Weekends and Holidays. Remember that during Adult Swim no children under the age of 18 is allowed on the pool deck or in the Clubhouse unless they are swimming laps. If you are under 18 and swimming laps, you must have an adult with you.

New and Improved!!

The Pool has had a number of improvements this year which we hope you enjoy.

  • There is a brand-new water slide for all you crazy kids (please remember to not have kids sit at the end of the slide or bounce on it please…this can crack it!) and a new mat at the end of the deep end of the pool for the dive bombers.
  • Those of you who like an evening swim can finally bask in the blue glow of the pool lights which had gone dark a few years ago.
  • We have a lot of new lounges to replace the vinyl strap ones.  We hope these will stay looking good for a long time, and you can help by putting a towel between your lounge and your sunscreen. The chemicals in the sunscreen and the hot sun do a real number on the lounge material.
  • We have a new “noodle holder” constructed by one of our own from an idea on Pinterest. It is attached to the fence near the gate. Yes, I know you were wondering what that was for. It’s pretty cool as it allows the noodles to drip and dry without their ends sitting in a wet bucket.
  • A disappointment at the moment is the temporary closing of the baby pool. There is an issue with the pump and we hope to have it fixed soon.  Updates will follow and we’ll post it on the website as soon as it’s open. In the meantime, please keep your little ones away from it, it is not a pretty site.

Wrap up

Well that’s about it for the moment, except for a reminder that although we your Board of Directors are tasked with running the club, handling maintenance and managing the finances, you are not just members YOU are all owners in this little community which we are very lucky to have.  Get involved, if there is an activity you would like to see at the club like yoga or bunco or a pickle ball league, speak up.  If you think you’d like to be on the Board, ask one of us about the duties. When you do your work job, check the details and do it like it was at your own home. If you see someone misbehaving, let them know or support the guards when they do. Come down with your kids and get to know your neighbors. Next time you’re at the pool say “Hi” to a member you haven’t met before.  Our club is as strong and vibrant as its’ members.

Welcome to Summer 2017 at your HWRC!!!

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